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This is a adventure set after one of my preveous adventures. In the south of a large and vast land lies a once mighty civilization.A grand lizard who came to be known as the Obsidian lizard ruled the land and made it what it is today. He left suddenly on a quest with his crew of awesomeness in a mighty airship. No one heard from them again. Until now…..
Leaving his son as leader of Soulis Lupis and his mighty empire. His son looked after his empire well; it grew and took more land to the north, east and west. But when the son had a son this son betrayed him. Aza’zel, grandson of the obsidian lizard, took the empire and drove it into the ground. And so he was named the Black Plague. His greed was his downfall. He drove his people to rebel and take back the land. In this rebellion, a group known as the Phyrexians swooped in from the northern territory and has held the land since.
At the crossroad where it all began a mighty flash appears and the hero’s return…..

Balfazar is no where to be found
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after the mad wizard Balfazar

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